Top Benefits of Using a Car Storage Facility

Most people never think about using car storage until it becomes apparent they have to. This can happen when you won’t be driving your car for a long period or have more than one car. Car storage in Melbourne is available in three types. It can either be indoors car storage, outdoors or covered storage.

Indoor storage is the best option when you want total protection and security for your car. Storage is not only for cars, but also motorcycles, ATVs and boats.  Here are the top benefits of using car storage in Melbourne:

Top 4 Benefits of Using Car Storage in Melbourne

Saves Space – Space is increasingly becoming an issue in major cities such as Melbourne with a high population that keeps growing every year. Melbourne has limited parking spaces, explaining why car storage facilities are becoming an option for many.

Moreover, parking spaces at home are limited, sometimes to just one parking space. Therefore, if you have more than one car, they take up important space on your driveway and increases clutter at home.

Safety and Security – The best car storage facilities in Melbourne have top notch security with surveillance systems and guards on site to protect your car from vandalism or theft. With indoor car storage facilities, you can store valuable cars such as classics without worrying about losses or damages.

Indoor storage facilities also have climate control to ensure harsh weather elements don’t damage your car.

Allows for Car Collection – If you are a car enthusiast and collector, car storage Melbourne comes in handy for you. You can easily collect and store your cars in storage facilities around Melbourne without worrying about space.

Reduces Damage to Your Car – Leaving your car outdoors for long makes it prone to a lot of damage, especially from harsh weather elements. Damage can significantly reduce the worth of your car, rendering it unusable. It also increases your expenses on the car as you have to repair it before use.

When at a storage unit, your car is protected from damage. Also, some storage units offer detailing and maintenance services to ensure your car stays in tip top condition for the longest time.

Getting your car ready for storage is important if you want to find it in the best condition after the storage period. Here are some things you need to do before putting your car in storage:

4 Things to do Before Taking Your Car for Storage in a Melbourne Car Storage Facility

Clean it Thoroughly Inside Out – Make sure your car is properly cleaned and remove all organic or perishable things. Ensure its interior is free of food items that can rot inside the car, leading to bad smells and attracting insects.

Check on the Fluids – Depending on the period you want to store your car, it might be important to change fluids in the engine to prevent corrosion.

Check on the Battery – If you are storing the car for long, it is advisable to remove the battery and store it separately.

Check on the Tires – If storing the vehicle longer than two months, it is advisable to remove the tires and mount the vehicle without them. It helps avoid damage to the tires.

With car storage Melbourne, you can keep multiple cars safely, without using so much space at home on your driveway or garage.

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