Consumption: maintain your vehicle while reducing your expenses!

In addition to buying, owning a car is expensive on a daily basis.

Fuel budget, insurance premium but also maintenance expenses are all factors that can easily ”  sink ” a budget.

While it is possible to achieve some fuel savings by finding the cheapest stations or consolidating its journeys, maintenance costs can also be reduced with a few tips.

Do it yourself !

Very fashionable in the Anglo-Saxon countries, the DIY (do it yourself), that is to say the ”  do it yourself  ” is also democratized in ”  us  “ . Renovation of furniture, small DIY work ?? this principle can also be applied to car maintenance without requiring a thorough knowledge of mechanics.

If you do not have to go through the garage box because of warranty, some maintenance and small repairs are very simple , such as:

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To empty it;

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Replace the brake pads;

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Control the levels;

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Replace a battery;

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Change the wiper blades.

And the list is not exhaustive. With a very limited tooling, these types of interviews can be perfectly done by everyone . The canvas is full of tutorials of all kinds to achieve them in the rules of the art.

Buy your car parts on the Internet or in general dispensing centers

Unless you trust only your dealer, you can buy the cheaper spare parts by buying them from all brands .

With promotions of up to 50%, or sometimes more on a large number of auto parts, the savings will be even more important if you do the maintenance work yourself since you will not have a cost of workforce.

Good to know: certified original parts

Distributors of auto parts, such as Partauto offer guaranteed articles ”  original part  ” and validated by the manufacturers. So there is no fear in terms of their reliability. In case of purchase error, you can exchange them on request.


auto spare parts


Compare quotes

An estimate is a price undertaking, and it is quite appropriate to solicit more than one for major repairs . The prices of garages being free, price differences can sometimes be important, especially in terms of labor rates.

Feel free to compare prices, to solicit several establishments and even to put them in competition: you will save for sure.

Tip: pay attention to signing

Know that signing a quote is worth repair order. It’s up to you to be attentive before signing. For its part, the car mechanic is subject to an obligation of result. He is therefore required to restart a vehicle entrusted to him. Think about it!

Household budget constraints are pushing us more and more to look for ways to cut costs, and car care is always part of these budget cuts. By buying smart, by comparing, doing some repairs yourself, the note can usually be halved , which is not negligible.

However, do not forget that safety is priceless, and that a regularly maintained vehicle is less likely to fail, avoiding significant expenses . Another way to reduce the cost of its car maintenance!

The key points to remember to maintain your vehicle at low cost:

– Some interviews can be done by yourself.
– Used used parts are an excellent solution.
– Remember to make several quotes when you use professionals.

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