Common Mistakes to Avoid When modifying Your 4WD

Modifying 4WDs is an easy task considering the readily available 4 wheel drive accessories. However, most 4 wheel drive enthusiasts end up overdoing it, doing it wrong or even doing it in an illegal way. This is usually due to lack of proper planning, excitement of trying new things and even because of lack of information.

Here are some modification mistakes you should avoid when modifying your 4WD to stay legal and have the most smooth ride:

Buying in the Wrong Order – It is important to consider the order in which the 4 wheel drive accessories will added to your car. For instance, if you are going to add suspension, it is best that you add other accessories such as bull bars, rear bar, long range fuel tank and spare tires.

The accessories will add to the weight of the vehicle. Adding a suspension last will allow you to properly estimate how much weight your vehicle has so you can add a suspension that can hold the weight.

Not Considering the Weight – Some of 4 wheel drive accessories are heavy and will add to the weight of your car. This in turn will cause your car to become overloaded and illegal upon adding the rest of the weight such as camping gear and luggage.

An overloaded vehicle will also use more fuel and becomes prone to breaking or damaging some parts. You should only add 4 wheel drive accessories that will help you get to your end goal.

Not Having an End Goal – You cannot just start adding 4 wheel drive accessories to your car without having an end goal. What is it that you want your vehicle to do? Do you want it to be good for touring? Do you want to use it in off road competitions?

Are you looking to get a smooth ride when you go off road? Knowing what you want from your vehicle will determine which accessories you should add so you do not end up spending so much on modifications you don’t need.

Lacking a Budget – If you do not have an end goal, you probably won’t have a budget. Not setting a budget can cause you to overspend on your 4WD and more so on accessories that you might not need. List down all the modifications you need to achieve your end goals and how much they might cost.

Adding Poor Quality Accessories – Not all 4 wheel drive accessories are the same. You should ensure that you only add high quality accessories. Adding low quality might save you some money upfront but in the long run will be more expensive than using quality accessories.

Consider buying from reputable brands not only to save money, but also to ensure that your car is safe. Adding some poor quality accessories can greatly affect the safety of your vehicle.

Starting with the Wrong Car – Even if you follow all the stated facts here, if you do not have the right car you will not be satisfied with what you achieve. Make sure that you only do modifications to the car you like and one bound to help achieve your end goals.

If you avoid these common mistakes, you will have a modified 4WD you will love and enjoy riding in all the time always look at for more information.

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