Car Detailing

Car detailing entails cleaning and polishing your car to protects all the parts of your vehicle. From top to bottom inside, interior and exterior by using specials equipment and products that would not be typically used by a car cleaner. The idea of car detailing is to enhance and restore a car’s paintwork by removing scratches or any swirl marks that might have been caused over time.

What is included in car detailing?

Car detailing professionals will use special tools to clean your vehicle of any dirt and grime in detail. In addition, it will also help keep your car in good condition and thus preserve more resale value. The challenge of finding a car detailing service is finding one that will include all the detailing requirements.

Paint care

The paint in your car is a very sensitive thing which is why most detailing services include a three-step process that cleans, protects, and corrects the paint surface. These steps include: properly washing and drying the vehicle to get rid of any dirt or dust. Followed by the clay bar application. This helps remove chemicals in the clear coat for instance metal particles, industrial fallout, dirt, and grunge. Lastly and if needed the paint will be polished to get rid of any swirl markings and scratches. Your car is then waxed to protect the paint and help it shines.

Chassis and wheels

The chassis and undercarriage should be cleaned as well as the exterior of your vehicle. This includes underneath the vehicle, inside the wheels, anti-roll bars, and control arms. The inner fender liners and plastic splash guards should be covered with a plastic protectant. The wheels and tires should also be washed entirely before covering with a special protectant that improves the cars luster and protects it from cracking and rust.

Taillights, headlights, and exterior

Most detailing services will add a polish compound to headlights and taillights to display the oxidation. However, sealing them properly after that with a plastic sealant is a crucial step. Chrome trim should also be cleaned thoroughly, and any additional plastic should be covered with protectant. This helps the car repel any fading for cracking during the process. There are also one detailing services that will clean the chrome and polish the exhaust tips as well.

Interior detailing usually includes cleaning the carpeting and the seats with a special shampoo or a steam cleaner. All plastics and vinyl should be adequately cleaned and covered. Many detailed services will also include cleaning the trunk area in their service package.

Engine Bay

Though engine bay may not be part of the standard packages, it is an important part of car detailing. The engine bay should be thoroughly misted with water and cleaned with an appropriate degreaser before rinsing it cleans. Once it has been dried thoroughly, silicone and rubber pieces should be covered to protect them from cracking.

Costs of detailing services

Usually, standard car detailing packages can range between $50-$150. Though it also depends on where and what type of vehicle you want to serve. Larger vehicles like vans or SUV’ s typically will cost more. Also, if you choose an upgraded package consisting of more attention to detail will also cost more. You can anticipate additional fees for high-quality shampoos and cleaning products like superior waxing, special equipment, steam cleaning, and shampoo for interior carpets and leather upholstery. There are also additional services that include engine cleaning wheel detailing, and dent removal.