5 PRO Tips to Maintain Your Car

If you’re wondering how to maintain your ride without spending too much money and time on it, you’ve come to the right place! Maintaining your car can be a tough job especially if you’re low on extra hours from your routine. you need at least half an hour to clean your entire car, even if with a simple cloth.

The easy way out is to follow some simple steps on a regular basis that will ensure that your car stays clean no matter what. If you’re thinking what these steps are, read the following:

1. Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is possibly the best feeling your car can get. it involves cleaning the entire vehicle without using too much soap or water. its like a sauna for your car. using steam, the dirt and debris is all accumulated and removed from the car. Car interior steam cleaning Melbourne promises great results and you will be able to have a clean car for over a week!

This is like dry cleaning your car, only better! you will enjoy

2. Dry Cleaning with Fiber-cloth

Fiber-cloth is used to clean many surfaces which cannot otherwise be cleaned with regular cloths. fiber cloth is used on metallic or glass surfaces. your glasses of the car can be cleaned easily with this cloth. whether you dampen the cloth or use it as is, the result will be similar. all you have to do is get a meter worth of this cloth and clean the car every alternate day with it.

If it has rained, you can dampen the cloth and remove the accumulated dirt from the weather easily within a matter of minutes. this cloth does not enable any scratches on your glass. this means that the cloth can be easily used in replacement of another cloth. guess what, it is easily available at all shops

3. Washing it once a week

car wash

No matter what you do, you need to ensure that your car is getting washed at least once a week. the best way to do is by using your nearest car wash and ensuring that their services are as per your requirements. just enter your car and see it getting cleaned within a matter of minutes. you don’t have to spend time washing the car yourself. its pretty easy to just drop your car over to the car wash and pick it after you are done completing your daily routine tasks.

4. Replacing worn out pieces

If you have any worn out pieces in your car, its best that you get them replaced instead of waiting for it to completely get out of control. instead of waiting for the item to go to completely to waste, just replace it. for example, if your side mirror or rear view light is not working, simply replace it as soon as possible. do not wait for the things to further ruin other items.

All you have to do is get the items changed immediately from your nearest mechanic. It will be easier for you instead of getting two items fixed and replaced.

5. Get the car remodeled if required

Some parts of the cars get out of control when given too much time to get fixed on their own. it is important that you remodel those parts asap.

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