5 PRO Tips to Maintain Your Car

If you’re wondering how to maintain your ride without spending too much money and time on it, you’ve come to the right place! Maintaining your car can be a tough job especially if you’re low on extra hours from your routine. you need at least half an hour to clean your entire car, even if with a simple cloth.

The easy way out is to follow some simple steps on a regular basis that will ensure that your car stays clean no matter what. If you’re thinking what these steps are, read the following:

1. Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is possibly the best feeling your car can get. it involves cleaning the entire vehicle without using too much soap or water. its like a sauna for your car. using steam, the dirt and debris is all accumulated and removed from the car. Car interior steam cleaning Melbourne promises great results and you will be able to have a clean car for over a week!

This is like dry cleaning your car, only better! you will enjoy

2. Dry Cleaning with Fiber-cloth

Fiber-cloth is used to clean many surfaces which cannot otherwise be cleaned with regular cloths. fiber cloth is used on metallic or glass surfaces. your glasses of the car can be cleaned easily with this cloth. whether you dampen the cloth or use it as is, the result will be similar. all you have to do is get a meter worth of this cloth and clean the car every alternate day with it.

If it has rained, you can dampen the cloth and remove the accumulated dirt from the weather easily within a matter of minutes. this cloth does not enable any scratches on your glass. this means that the cloth can be easily used in replacement of another cloth. guess what, it is easily available at all shops

3. Washing it once a week

car wash

No matter what you do, you need to ensure that your car is getting washed at least once a week. the best way to do is by using your nearest car wash and ensuring that their services are as per your requirements. just enter your car and see it getting cleaned within a matter of minutes. you don’t have to spend time washing the car yourself. its pretty easy to just drop your car over to the car wash and pick it after you are done completing your daily routine tasks.

4. Replacing worn out pieces

If you have any worn out pieces in your car, its best that you get them replaced instead of waiting for it to completely get out of control. instead of waiting for the item to go to completely to waste, just replace it. for example, if your side mirror or rear view light is not working, simply replace it as soon as possible. do not wait for the things to further ruin other items.

All you have to do is get the items changed immediately from your nearest mechanic. It will be easier for you instead of getting two items fixed and replaced.

5. Get the car remodeled if required

Some parts of the cars get out of control when given too much time to get fixed on their own. it is important that you remodel those parts asap.

Air Conditioning Canberra

Why you need to service your air conditioner?


Is your air conditioner making strange noises? Is it not giving enough cooling? Does it trip overnight on a regular basis? This are signs that you air conditioner needs servicing. There are many air conditioning services in Canberra. Just make sure to get your AC serviced every six months or so. Why you need to service your air conditioner? Well just take a look at all the following reasons why servicing an AC is a necessity.

  • The filters, coils and plugs of an air conditioner need to be cleaned on a regular basis. In order to make sure that your cooling unit works well throughout the year, a service is always necessary.
  • According to the association of energy saving, maintaining your cooling unit can help make it work well and give good value for money.
  • You would need to clean or replace the filters of the air conditioner on a regular basis. Filters are responsible for trapping the dirt and clogged dust and allowing only fresh air to pass through the unit. This is exactly why cleaning the filters is so important.
  • If you fail to clean the filters, the trapped dirt would be carried to the cooling coil of the unit and would in turn affect its cooling efficiency. Regularly cleaning the filters or replacing them can lower the energy consumption of your air conditioner by almost fifteen percent. This in turn would help you save cash on utility bills as well.
  • Though most filters in an air conditioner are reusable, there are few which need to be replaced every few months or so. When you call I air conditioning service Canberra, they would help you get an idea of whether you should simply clean the filters or replace them.
  • If you tend to use the air conditioner all day, you might need to service your air conditioner on an earlier basis. This is because the unit is working nonstop. Blocking out dirt and debris all the time.
  • The coils of the air conditioner collect dirt and debris over the course of several months. If the filters are clean they wouldn’t let too much dirt reach the coil. However, the coils need to be cleaned at least once a year as well.
  • In order to avoid the coils getting dirty, just make sure that the vent near the units remain free of dirt and debris. Sometimes foliage blow over clogs the vents and reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner. Make sure that the area around the coil is neat and clean.
  • On the back of coils are aluminum fins. These fins become bent over a period of time and start blocking the air flow. At a whole sale for AC units, you would find a fin comb. This helps the coils to be combed back into their actual position.
  • The drains of the unit may also become clogged. Just make sure to pass a stiff wire through the drains to unclog the drains.

For more information on air conditioning in Canberra, make sure you contact a registered Australian business.

Top Benefits of Using a Car Storage Facility

Most people never think about using car storage until it becomes apparent they have to. This can happen when you won’t be driving your car for a long period or have more than one car. Car storage in Melbourne is available in three types. It can either be indoors car storage, outdoors or covered storage.

Indoor storage is the best option when you want total protection and security for your car. Storage is not only for cars, but also motorcycles, ATVs and boats.  Here are the top benefits of using car storage in Melbourne:

Top 4 Benefits of Using Car Storage in Melbourne

Saves Space – Space is increasingly becoming an issue in major cities such as Melbourne with a high population that keeps growing every year. Melbourne has limited parking spaces, explaining why car storage facilities are becoming an option for many.

Moreover, parking spaces at home are limited, sometimes to just one parking space. Therefore, if you have more than one car, they take up important space on your driveway and increases clutter at home.

Safety and Security – The best car storage facilities in Melbourne have top notch security with surveillance systems and guards on site to protect your car from vandalism or theft. With indoor car storage facilities, you can store valuable cars such as classics without worrying about losses or damages.

Indoor storage facilities also have climate control to ensure harsh weather elements don’t damage your car.

Allows for Car Collection – If you are a car enthusiast and collector, car storage Melbourne comes in handy for you. You can easily collect and store your cars in storage facilities around Melbourne without worrying about space.

Reduces Damage to Your Car – Leaving your car outdoors for long makes it prone to a lot of damage, especially from harsh weather elements. Damage can significantly reduce the worth of your car, rendering it unusable. It also increases your expenses on the car as you have to repair it before use.

When at a storage unit, your car is protected from damage. Also, some storage units offer detailing and maintenance services to ensure your car stays in tip top condition for the longest time.

Getting your car ready for storage is important if you want to find it in the best condition after the storage period. Here are some things you need to do before putting your car in storage:

4 Things to do Before Taking Your Car for Storage in a Melbourne Car Storage Facility

Clean it Thoroughly Inside Out – Make sure your car is properly cleaned and remove all organic or perishable things. Ensure its interior is free of food items that can rot inside the car, leading to bad smells and attracting insects.

Check on the Fluids – Depending on the period you want to store your car, it might be important to change fluids in the engine to prevent corrosion.

Check on the Battery – If you are storing the car for long, it is advisable to remove the battery and store it separately.

Check on the Tires – If storing the vehicle longer than two months, it is advisable to remove the tires and mount the vehicle without them. It helps avoid damage to the tires.

With car storage Melbourne, you can keep multiple cars safely, without using so much space at home on your driveway or garage.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When modifying Your 4WD

Modifying 4WDs is an easy task considering the readily available 4 wheel drive accessories. However, most 4 wheel drive enthusiasts end up overdoing it, doing it wrong or even doing it in an illegal way. This is usually due to lack of proper planning, excitement of trying new things and even because of lack of information.

Here are some modification mistakes you should avoid when modifying your 4WD to stay legal and have the most smooth ride:

Buying in the Wrong Order – It is important to consider the order in which the 4 wheel drive accessories will added to your car. For instance, if you are going to add suspension, it is best that you add other accessories such as bull bars, rear bar, long range fuel tank and spare tires.

The accessories will add to the weight of the vehicle. Adding a suspension last will allow you to properly estimate how much weight your vehicle has so you can add a suspension that can hold the weight.

Not Considering the Weight – Some of 4 wheel drive accessories are heavy and will add to the weight of your car. This in turn will cause your car to become overloaded and illegal upon adding the rest of the weight such as camping gear and luggage.

An overloaded vehicle will also use more fuel and becomes prone to breaking or damaging some parts. You should only add 4 wheel drive accessories that will help you get to your end goal.

Not Having an End Goal – You cannot just start adding 4 wheel drive accessories to your car without having an end goal. What is it that you want your vehicle to do? Do you want it to be good for touring? Do you want to use it in off road competitions?

Are you looking to get a smooth ride when you go off road? Knowing what you want from your vehicle will determine which accessories you should add so you do not end up spending so much on modifications you don’t need.

Lacking a Budget – If you do not have an end goal, you probably won’t have a budget. Not setting a budget can cause you to overspend on your 4WD and more so on accessories that you might not need. List down all the modifications you need to achieve your end goals and how much they might cost.

Adding Poor Quality Accessories – Not all 4 wheel drive accessories are the same. You should ensure that you only add high quality accessories. Adding low quality might save you some money upfront but in the long run will be more expensive than using quality accessories.

Consider buying from reputable brands not only to save money, but also to ensure that your car is safe. Adding some poor quality accessories can greatly affect the safety of your vehicle.

Starting with the Wrong Car – Even if you follow all the stated facts here, if you do not have the right car you will not be satisfied with what you achieve. Make sure that you only do modifications to the car you like and one bound to help achieve your end goals.

If you avoid these common mistakes, you will have a modified 4WD you will love and enjoy riding in all the time always look at https://www.uv4x4.com.au/ for more information.

Best Air Conditioning System Installation

3 Proven Tips for Finding the Best Air Conditioning System Installation Company in Canberra

If you are planning to install an air conditioning system in your home so that you can beat off the hot and humid weather during the summer season, then maybe you are also finding a company you can rely on this service? If it is a yes, you must read the list below since that it will show you some proven tips to help you find the best air conditioning installation Canberra company.

These proven tips that will help you to find the best company that offers air conditioning installation Canberra are given on the list below.

Consider Asking Your Friends, Relatives, or Neighbours

Aside from your personal issues in life, you can also ask any of your friends, relatives, or even  on which air conditioning installation Canberra company the best one you should select. Ask these people if they know a reputable one and if they recommend the company to you. In addition to that, you can also ask them about their experiences of choosing and hiring the company. In this way, you can assure yourself that you have found the best company which will be responsible for installing the air conditioning system in your home.

Search on Review Sites on the Internet

If you did not get some recommendations from any of your friends, relatives, or even neighbours which are impossible, you can always go to the legitimate and authentic review websites on the internet to find and select your air conditioning installation company in Canberra. This kind of websites will show you all the reviews, whether positive or negative, given by the previous customers or clients to the company. Here, you can now base your decision if you are going to select and hire the company. It is important that you read all the reviews of each company so that you will not miss any necessary information.

Do A Background – Check On The Company

For you to find the best air conditioning installation Canberra company among of all, you have to do a background – check on each company as well. You should compare each of the company’s qualities and see the one that stands out from the rest. Check if the company has a group of well – versed contractors who will do the job of installing the air conditioning system in your home. Other than that, these contractors should also have a license and registered with a reputable association in this industry. Furthermore, check if the company has a long experience and a great reputation in this industry. By doing these things, you now have a company that you can trust in installing air conditioning system.

To put an end to this article, you can now be sure that you will find the best air conditioning installation Canberra company. With this, you can now experience the benefit of installing an air conditioning system in your home. If you think there are more other tips regarding this matter, you can read some on the internet.

Aftermarket Car Seats

3 Critical Factors to Consider In Buying Aftermarket Car Seats

Buying aftermarket car seats has become a little popular in quite a number of places like Australia, Germany, and USA. The car owners’ reason for buying or replacing the installed car seats vary. Some would want comfort before anything else, and some would prefer style. However, three critical factors to consider before purchasing appear in any situation when buying an aftermarket car seat and the following are:

The perfect fit

Before anything else, you have to know what your main purpose is for the replacement of the car seats. Is it because your current car seats are already worn out that it gives you really uncomfortable back pains? Is it because of your usual weekend long drives with your family, friends, and loved ones. The two words “perfect fit” are relative to the purpose of the buyer. What’s comfortably perfect for one buyer may not be stylishly perfect for the other. Talking about style; how your car seats should look like depends on your personal taste. Do you want it bold and made out of leather to emphasize your go-getter attitude? Or would you rather have it in subtle, nude comfortable cottons, to express your peaceful and contented attitude? Another aspect in considering the style of a car eat is its resale value. There is nothing certain in this world, in effect, your preferred car seat for today may not be your preferred car seat in the next three years. With this said, it is best to consider resale value of the car seats to ensure, gains on the investment. The last thing that determines if your desired aftermarket car seat is the perfect fit, make sure that you are aware of the exact size or measurement of your desired car seat.

The ergonomic features

Ergonomics is simply the art of making innovations to the product offerings in order to provide comfort, convenience, and function to the intended user.  This is what makes a car seat valuable. Manufacturers and marketers compete to provide customers the most function relative to their personal needs. For example, an aftermarket car seats manufacturer in Australia is aiming to provide the people suffering from neck pains, which is their target market, with a car seat designed with a really comfortable neck pads to prevent and to ease neck pains while driving.

The ease of installation

Upon the purchase of the replacement car seats, it is best to analyze and evaluate whether self-installation on the purchased car seats are available and are easily doable. Most people don’t want to pay that extra service fee which is why some manufacturer of car seats actually makes car seats that can be self-installed to encourage the customer in buying the product for the main reason of lesser cost by not having the need to call a specialist to install the replacement car seats. However, it is a different story when there is no face-to-face interaction between the seller and the buyer of the car seat say for example when the car seat is bought online. In this case, it is best to call for a professional to properly install the car seats.

With the 3 tips given above, there is no reason to worry about how to know the right kind of aftermarket car seats that you should buy.

Automobile: a car well prepared for a winter with serenity

When temperatures begin to drop, traffic conditions deteriorate little by little, the night comes sooner and it’s usually a sign that it’s time to get your car ready for winter conditions, especially if your vehicle is sleeping. not in a garage.

Salt, increased use of heating, frost and night driving make your car more demanding.

The moment has come to put on his winter suit. Here are our tips.

Put it on for the winter

We do not always have the reflex to do this, but it is important to equip his car with winter tires when the temperature drops below 7 ° C . Their softer gum allows better grip on wet or slippery ground as well as on snow. They lost their name snow tires and have evolved a lot.

Their use has become seasonal and we must not hesitate to equip them to ride safely at the arrival of the first frost . Be aware that many manufacturers offer quality winter tires and their prices have become significantly more affordable than before.

Good to know: it is mandatory in some countries

If you are planning a trip to some neighboring countries like Luxembourg or Germany, be aware that the legislation differs from ours. For example, winter tires are compulsory in Luxembourg and regular checks are carried out on the borders. In Germany, it is mandatory to be equipped when conditions deteriorate. Any breach is subject to financial penalties that may in some cases be accompanied by immobilization of the vehicle.

Is my battery still fit?

It is in winter that the battery is the most requested. It is sometimes put to the test. After a few years, a battery gets tired and starts are more difficult in cold weather . It is a good idea to check the condition of your battery before winter, or replace it if necessary.

Sometimes a good refill will be enough to give him a facelift. If your battery is not a maintenance free model, also think about checking its levels .

Do not forget to control the fluids

It is important to check the coolant level before winter . The engines are more stressed, they tend to heat more and must be cooled properly. Check and top up the coolant level as needed.

If your engine tends to heat abnormally, do not hesitate to have the cooling system checked at your garage .

Be careful, do not make the mistake of completing your level with water. It could freeze in very cold weather and thus cause engine breakage . Do not save a few euros at the risk of damaging your mechanics!

The windshield washer is also more used in winter. Do not forget to regularly fill the level with a liquid suitable for winter conditions (antifreeze).

Prepare winter car


I control my lighting

At the end of the year and especially during the transition to winter time, it is more and more frequent to have to travel at night. Good lighting is essential to ride safely .

Remember to check the correct operation of the front and rear lights, as well as steering and especially the brake light.

If your vehicle is equipped with it, do not neglect the front and rear fog lamps : they can be very useful in certain conditions.


Good to know: always in pairs! 

If you have to replace one of your bulbs, know that when they work in pairs, it is advisable to replace the two bulbs at the same time, so as not to stress too much the oldest bulb which may drop quickly.


Think about the winter kit

Anti-frost bomb, squeegee, gloves, hat, flashlight, survival blanket are accessories to complete the equipment of your vehicle in winter. When the windshield is frozen, a good squeegee will clear most of the ice .

And if your vehicle does not support cold starts, switch on the engine so that it can warm up . It will also help you de-ice your windshield via the ventilation flaps.

In case of failure, the survival blanket will also be very useful to keep you warm. Remember to plan one for each of your passengers. A flashlight will not be too much: it will allow you to see, but also to be better seen by other users in case of breakdown for example.

Tip: Beware of thermal shock

Never use hot water to defrost your windshield. The thermal shock could crack it. Think about the protective tarpaulin.


If necessary, have your car serviced

Your dealer or mechanic will certainly be your best interlocutor to prepare your vehicle so that he can spend the winter without a hitch . Many facilities offer diagnostics before winter.

If you do not feel a mechanical soul, do not hesitate to opt for this solution. The professional will take care of all the necessary checks and will propose if necessary to replace the defective parts . You will leave for the winter.

Winter is certainly the most demanding season for our cars. Cold and external aggressions are real enemies and it is essential to guard against them.

If your vehicle starts showing signs of weakness as temperatures drop, it’s definitely time to take a look under the hood. Take the lead, do not be surprised! And also think about adapting your driving!

The key points to remember to prepare your car for the winter:

– Do not hesitate to take the lead.
– Adapted equipment contributes to better security.
– Do not ignore the winter tires.

Consumption: maintain your vehicle while reducing your expenses!

In addition to buying, owning a car is expensive on a daily basis.

Fuel budget, insurance premium but also maintenance expenses are all factors that can easily ”  sink ” a budget.

While it is possible to achieve some fuel savings by finding the cheapest stations or consolidating its journeys, maintenance costs can also be reduced with a few tips.

Do it yourself !

Very fashionable in the Anglo-Saxon countries, the DIY (do it yourself), that is to say the ”  do it yourself  ” is also democratized in ”  us  “ . Renovation of furniture, small DIY work ?? this principle can also be applied to car maintenance without requiring a thorough knowledge of mechanics.

If you do not have to go through the garage box because of warranty, some maintenance and small repairs are very simple , such as:

fleche orange

To empty it;

fleche orange

Replace the brake pads;

fleche orange

Control the levels;

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Replace a battery;

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Change the wiper blades.

And the list is not exhaustive. With a very limited tooling, these types of interviews can be perfectly done by everyone . The canvas is full of tutorials of all kinds to achieve them in the rules of the art.

Buy your car parts on the Internet or in general dispensing centers

Unless you trust only your dealer, you can buy the cheaper spare parts by buying them from all brands .

With promotions of up to 50%, or sometimes more on a large number of auto parts, the savings will be even more important if you do the maintenance work yourself since you will not have a cost of workforce.

Good to know: certified original parts

Distributors of auto parts, such as Partauto offer guaranteed articles ”  original part  ” and validated by the manufacturers. So there is no fear in terms of their reliability. In case of purchase error, you can exchange them on request.


auto spare parts


Compare quotes

An estimate is a price undertaking, and it is quite appropriate to solicit more than one for major repairs . The prices of garages being free, price differences can sometimes be important, especially in terms of labor rates.

Feel free to compare prices, to solicit several establishments and even to put them in competition: you will save for sure.

Tip: pay attention to signing

Know that signing a quote is worth repair order. It’s up to you to be attentive before signing. For its part, the car mechanic is subject to an obligation of result. He is therefore required to restart a vehicle entrusted to him. Think about it!

Household budget constraints are pushing us more and more to look for ways to cut costs, and car care is always part of these budget cuts. By buying smart, by comparing, doing some repairs yourself, the note can usually be halved , which is not negligible.

However, do not forget that safety is priceless, and that a regularly maintained vehicle is less likely to fail, avoiding significant expenses . Another way to reduce the cost of its car maintenance!

The key points to remember to maintain your vehicle at low cost:

– Some interviews can be done by yourself.
– Used used parts are an excellent solution.
– Remember to make several quotes when you use professionals.